Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this guy?

My name is Jacob Levinrad. I'm a high school dropout who figured out how to make money online! I run my own Ecommerce Dropshipping businesses and help others do so as well.

2. I understand the concept & the business model for the most part (I think)... but is it really that simple?

Yep, pretty much. I've fine-tuned my business to be as streamlined and simple as possible, and I show others how to do the same. I find winning products, I create Shopify stores around them, and I run Facebook ads to drive traffic and make sales. Yes, it's literally that simple.

3. Ok, so how are your mentorship programs different than others?

Unlike other dropshipping programs, I teach you my strategies that I’ve used to make over $40,000 some months. I give you my full course to guide you through this journey, and am also there to hold your hand and walk you through something whenever you need it.

4. Can I try it out and get a refund if it doesn't work for me?

Nope! For a couple very good reasons. For one, this is a digital information product. Once you've seen the training and the entire program, you can't simply "unsee it" or "give back" the information. And second, your success with this business model is 100% predicated on your work ethic. We cannot and do not give refunds for these reasons.

5. Okay I'm in! ...but why are you sharing this business model with everyone? What about competition?

You'll quickly learn that "market saturation" is something you don't have to worry about. Online advertisers spent $209 BILLION in 2017. All you need is a tiny lil' piece of that pie to be set. And I'm here to help you grow your business, with 1-on-1 help building your store. It's a win-win situation: even if you don't see results immediately, you’re learning a skill that is worth thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.

6. I know NOTHING about dropshipping. I'm overwhelmed.

Hey, neither did I when I was first starting out. The good news is, I can be your "shortcut" in this business. I've failed & done the whole "trial and error" thing so that you don't have to. That's what you're here for. A proven model. And EVERYTHING I teach is laid out in super simple terms and click-by-click videos that are easy to follow.

7. My bank account's a little slim, I work full time... can this still work for me?

Good news... starting an online business doesn't take much money. A couple online tools and you're good to go. And time? I started my own business while trying my best to stay in school... think you can spare a few hours per week? Then this'll work for you.

Inexpensive To Get Started
No Inventory Needed
Easy to Learn